Local Transport Plan for Kent 2006-11

The Local Transport Plan was published by Kent County Council in 2006.

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In this report, Sections 6.50 - 6.52 deal specifically with cycling and contain the committment that:

The report also contains an appendix Cycling Strategy for Kent but no link is provided to this appendix.

Delivery Report: Dec 2008

An interim report on progress with implementing this plan was published in Dec 2008. Significant, cycle-related items include:

3.89 The County Council is also planning to compile a countywide action plan for cycling which will be closely linked to the cycling strategy. A cycling officer will be employed to work with cycling champions in Kent Highway Services to develop town and area action plans to encourage more cycling. This will also be used in the planning process to demonstrate to developers how their contributions towards cycling will assist in forming a network of routes for cyclists of all abilities to reach key services in their area.


Countywide Cycle Trips (LTP3)

5.18 The target for Indicator LTP3 is to increase the number of daily cycle trips by 38% between 2005/06 and 2010/11. The number of trips recorded has been represented as an index score, with the base year of 2003/04 being index score 100. The index score for 2006/07 was 118, compared to the target trajectory for that year of 116 but this has dropped to an index score of 116 for 2007/08, against a trajectory of 122. Therefore, cycling levels have dropped since the encouraging start to the five-year period, but the County Council is confident that it can build on the success of the Kent leg of the Tour de France and high profile projects including Sustrans Connect 2 project to establish new routes to bring this indicator back on track.

along with this graph showing a somewhat unimpressive downward trend: