Herne Bay: High School to Coastal Route

Map of proposed route
A potential route (green/white dashed)
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This proposed route will lead from a point near the centre of Herne Bay on the Oyster Bay Trail to the Memorial Park, the railway station and on to Herne Bay High School in Greenhill.

Length: about 1½ km.




Funding, sponsors and supporters

Funding for this route is included within the £290k overall budget for Phase 1 of the Oyster Bay Trail.

What the CCC Walking and Cycling Strategy document (2003) said

A network of potential cycle routes in Herne Bay were identified including:

8.4.2 Pigeon Lane to Railway Station - Plan Reference No 19

8.4.3 Eddington Lane to Herne Bay High School - Plan Reference No 20

8.4.4 Herne to Herne Bay High School - Plan Reference No 20

8.4.5 Railway station to Coastal Route - Plan Reference No 22

8.4.5 Railway station to Leisure Centre - Plan Reference No 23

From the Canterbury Walking and Cycling Strategy (2003)

All of these, with the exception of 8.4.4 were ranked as Medium Priority for development.

Present state of the route

The majority of the route consists of existing roads or pathways.

Next move

In the October 2009 update on the Oyster Bay Trail, Canterbury City Council announced:

A direct cycle route linking Herne Bay High School, the railway station and the Memorial Park will also be provided as part of the scheme. We hope to start this during 2009/10 and complete the link during 2010/11.

From the October 2009 update on the Oyster Bay Trail (cached copy).

It will be necessary to revoke the present No Cycling byelaw for the section of the route through the Memorial Park.