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Canterbury to Sturry Riverside route

Map of proposed route
The route runs from Vauxhall Avenue along the Stour to Sturry.
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The proposed route continues the riverside route from Vauxhall Avenue (photo) and runs along the right (south) bank of the Stour to Sturry, where it joins the existing NCR 1.

Length: about 1½ km.


Will provide a more direct route between Canterbury and Sturry than the existing, rather circuitous NCR1 and a safer one than the busy Sturry Road (A28).



What the CCC Riverside Parks and Footpaths document (1987) said

After bank repairs, the highest priority is to provide a footpath along the Great Stour from the Westgate Gardens to Sturry. (page ix)

Downstream from Barton Mill island there is little opportunity or need for providing general riverside recreational activities. The major emphasis is on providing an attractive riverside walk to Sturry through some of the most unattractive industrial areas in the City. The precise route of the walk between Vauxhall Road and Sturry depends on the final routes chosed for the Sturry Radial and Sturry by-pass roads. In principle, the north bank of the river should be reserved for walkers only. The south bank may at some time in the future be used for more intensive access, such as a cycle track. ... This stretch has many problems to overcome and cannot be implemented quickly. (page 61)

Vauxhall Road to Sturry The river splits into two branches as it approaches Sturry. Providing the exact route of the link between Vauxhall Road and Sturry depends on the final alignment of the Sturry bypass and it is only possible to provide brief guidelines for the walk at this stage. ... In principle, the walk should attempt to follow both branches of the river to Sturry. (page 65)

The final priority is to provide riverside footpaths ... on the south bank from Barton Mill to Sturry. (page 71)

From the Canterbury Riverside Parks and Footpaths report.

The same report also included this map (adopted from pages 68, 69) showing the proposed paths along both branches of the Stour betweeen Vauxhall Road and Sturry

Map of proposed route

What the CCC Walking and Cycling Strategy document (2003) said

Unusually, this route was not listed as a potential route in the Canterbury Walking and Cycling Strategy (2003) nor was it listed as a potential green corridor in the CCC Open Space Strategy 2009-2014.

Next move

Spokes intends to prospect a possible route.

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