Canterbury-Bridge Route

Map of proposed route
The proposed route (part only) is shown as blue/grey dashed.
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There are several possibilities, including:

Either possible route is about 4km long.


The route will support commuting (incl school children), leisure, tourism. It is likley that it will become part of Regional Route 17 (Canterbury to Dover).



What the CCC Walking and Cycling Strategy document (2003) said

8.5.7 Canterbury to Bridge (Options) - Plan Reference No 30

There is a need for a direct cycle route between the village of Bridge and Canterbury,particularly to provide a safer route to the Simon Langton Girls School and St Anselms School.The only direct route currently available is using the A2050 New Dover Road. An existing cycle route from Bridge into the city centre involves a long diversion using RCR 16 and RCR 17. This proposed route could also provide a link to the proposed site for the relocation of Canterbury College. The options for the route are as follows:

A. Elham Valley Railway Line

This route would be a continuation of the proposed route Nunnery Fields to St Anselms School and would also link with the North Downs Way to Nackington Road route. It would require the agreement of land owners. The first section would be using the abandoned Elham Valley Railway line between the New Dover Road Park and Ride and the A2. Construction of a cycle path with substantial clearance of trees/vegetation would be required. The route would then be signed onto the farm access road leading to a bridge crossing of the A2 and would then continue on the private road to Renville Farm, subject to the agreement of the landowners. From Renville Farm the route would be signed onto the lightly trafficked slip road from Bridge to London which leads into Bridge High Street. The continuation of a cycle route along the old railway line linking the villages of Bishopsbourne,Kingston and Barham should be a long term objective.

B. New Dover Road

This route would commence at the Gate Inn from where other proposed routes to Nackington Road or along the Old Dover Road could be joined.

The route would either be on a shared segregated footway/cycle way on the north side of New Dover Road or, ideally, complete new construction on the south side using the highway verge and some land acquisition. The route would then be signed onto the adopted highway at the side of Pond Cottages before joining the private road to Renville Farm as Option A.

From section 8.5.7 of the Canterbury Walking and Cycling Strategy (2003)

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