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Canterbury cross town (NW-SE)

Map of proposed route
Approximate path (shown in yellow) for the proposed route
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The proposed route will run diagonally through Canterbury, from the north-west, across the river, to the south-east. The route will complement the existing "Riverside" route that runs from north-east, along the river, to the south-west.

Note: the name "Canterbury cross town (NW-SE)" is a holding name only: a more imaginative name for this route is needed.

Length: about 1 km.


There is at present no cycle route that crosses the city in this direction: the only alternative is a circuitous detour around the periphery.

Given the location of the three universities (which count amongst them some thirty thousand students), and the schools and colleges on the New Dover Road, there is a strong, unmet need for such a route.



Funding, sponsors and supporters

None, at present.

What the CCC Walking and Cycling Strategy document (2003) said

This document did not specifically identify a NE-SW route through Canterbury but it did, however, identify the following broadly similar route.

Church Street St Pauls to St Peters Street - Plan Reference No 3

This route would provide a complete north-south city centre route from the Westgate Towers through to Burgate.The route uses roads within the existing pedestrianised zone and would therefore provide access for cyclists before 10.30 and after 16.00hrs. This route would also link the Lady Woottons Green to Lansdown Road route with the Stour Street to Northgate cross-city route and intersect the proposed East Station to Burgate route. The most important aspect is establishing a cycle friendly crossing facility at Lower Bridge Street,between Church Street St Pauls and Burgate. The current Pelican crossing has only recently been improved by widening the central reserve and footway on the south side, but still remains unsuitable as cyclists have to dismount. The present regulations for toucan crossing timings would cause congestion for motorists at St Georges Roundabout and it is proposed that the Department for Transport is lobbied to alter toucan timings nationally without compromising road safety.

Burgate is one-way northbound as far as Canterbury Lane. Cyclists can travel on carriageway up to the start of the pedestrian zone. Outside the pedestrian core hours, cyclists can continue past the Cathedral and along Sun Street. By continuing down Orange Street, cyclists can join the Stour Street/ Northgate route at King Street. From King Street, the route would continue along The Friars to St Peters Street. Travelling southbound presents a problem due to the No Entry order at Sun Street. It may be possible for cyclists to avoid the order by moving the no entry sign from the eastern footway onto an island and creating a cycle by-pass. From Canterbury Lane to Lower Bridge Street, an advisory contra-flow cycle route is possible. The carriageway is approximately 4.7 metres wide and therefore a 1.2 metre wide cycle lane could be marked out.

From section 8.2.3 of the Canterbury Walking and Cycling Strategy (2003)

Present state of the route

Although central Canterbury is densely populated, the fact that parts of it have been designated as a traffic-free zone between the hours of 10am and 4pm means that it should not be difficult to identify a network of streets that would be suitable for adoption as a cycle route.


This route is not presently under active consideration. It is not listed as a priority in CCC 2003 Strategy document (but note that this plan was drawn up before the massive increase in student numbers in the area).

Next move

Spokes is starting active campaigning for this route.