Canterbury riverside: from Kingsmead Bridge to Barton Mill

Map of proposed route
The proposed route (green/white dashed on a yellow background).
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This route is a continuation of the proposed route from St Radigunds Street to Kingsmead Bridge. It runs from Kingsmead Bridge (photo) along the left bank (photo) of the Stour to the existing footbridge (photo) at Barton Mill. The new Kingsbrook Park housing development lies directly to the north of the route.

At Barton Mill, it joins up with two other potential routes:

The proposed route is about 0.5 km long.


This route is of pivotal importance. It will, along with the proposed route from St Radigunds Street, provide a traffic-free route from central Canterbury running parallel to the busy, dangerous A28 arterial Sturry Road. In so doing it will link:

and, along with the proposed route to Vauxhall Avenue:

and, along with the proposed route to Headcorn Drive:

and, along with the proposed new footbridge (see above map):



Funding, sponsors and supporters

S106 funding under the various planning applications (see above) by developers of the Kingsbrook Estate is intended to cover the construction of the Kingsmead Road underpass and the pedestrian/cycle riverside path.

What the CCC Walking and Cycling Strategy document (2003) said

8.6.1 Riverside Walk - St Radigunds Street to Barton Mill - Plan Reference No A

The existing riverside walk between St Radigunds Street and Barton Mill could provide an attractive and safe cycle route into the city centre. The potential usage would be fully realised with links to the major residential areas of Hales Place Estate and Brymore Road area.

The factors affecting the various sections of the route are as follows:

Kingsmead Road to Barton Mill

There is an existing surfaced pathway along the riverside through to Barton Mill. A requirement of any future redevelopment plans of the Kingsmead stadium site should be the widening of this pathway to a 3.0 metre wide shared or segregated footway/cycleway.

From section 8.6.1 of the Canterbury Walking and Cycling Strategy (2003)

Present state of the route

Photo of finished route
The cycle track is nearing completion (March 2011).
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Photo of bridge
The new bridge
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The track from Kingsmead Bridge to Barton Mill is presently (March 2011) nearing completion.


The route was not listed as a priority in CCC 2003 Strategy document and was not listed at all in the Green Corridors priority list of the CCC Open Spaces Strategy 2009-2014.

Next move

The opening of this cycle track is (as of March 2011) expected shortly.

Latest news

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