Willesborough Dykes Greenway, Ashford

Map of proposed route
The proposed route (blue/grey dashed) runs from the Aylesford Stream (just south of the shopping centre) in the north to Sheepfold Lane in the south.
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The proposed route runs southward from the retail shopping centre at Ashford (where it joins NCR 18) through an area of rough grazing land (photo) known as Willesborough Dykes to join with an existing local cycle route at Sheepfold Lane, Park Farm, Kingsnorth.

Length: about 900m.


It will provide a traffic-free route for cyclists and pedestrians from the new housing development at Park Farm to central Ashford. It will also provide access to Willesborough Dykes, a future nature conservation park.



Funding, sponsors and supporters

Ashford Borough Council

Present state of the route

At present, there is no public right of access to the Willesborough Dykes site. There is an old bridge over one of the streams (the East Stour) that cross the site, but extensive restoration work will be needed on it.

Next move

Planning permission having been granted, Ashford Borough Council are free to go ahead with the construction.

Latest news

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