Future routes

Spokes actively campaigns for the creation of new cycle routes. We would like to see a local network of routes that is both pervasive (reaching all sections of our towns and cities) and integrated (linking schools and colleges, shopping centres, and railway stations with residential areas).

Here we have listed a selection of the cycle routes that we would like to see come about. Initially, we are concentrating on routes in and around Canterbury but eventually we aim to cover the whole of East Kent. In the linked pages, we describe each potential route and justification and, in particular, we seek to pin down the factors (financial constraints, planning consent, negotiation of land rights, etc) that appear to be delaying its progress.

Local plans

The planning of cycle routes is often foreshadowed in local transport strategy reports:

About these pages

We hope that these pages will be of interest not only to our own members and others interested in cycling and walking but also local councillors and local government officers. And, in particular, we hope that they will be useful when councils come to draw up their future walking and cycling strategy documents.